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FMB Archive Now Has a Search Engine

With last week’s update to the site, I rolled out several different refinements. One of them is the addition of a search engine for the Features Message Board Archive.

When the FMB was active, it had a search engine built into it, but it was of dubious quality. Members would often search for posts that they knew existed, but they could not find them. This was because of limitations in the software system that powered the message board.

When I originally put the FMB Archive on the Internet, I had planned to manually create an index of all of the subjects covered. However, after three years, I had only indexed about 10% of the posts. Realizing that I would never have the time or energy to finish such a huge task, I decided to let technology solve the problem for me.

Therefore, I have added a search engine to the site. This will allow you to finally search through all of those old posts with ease. The engine isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than any option than we’ve had available in the past. So enjoy!

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