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All of the work I did yesterday trying to track down old message board members must’ve gone to my head.  I haven’t had a message board dream in many years, but last night, I had not one but two!  I’ll tell you about the second, more relevant one.

In my dream, I went to France with jamiecarroll, featuresgirl, and richarddawson because The Features were playing a show there.  However, we soon discovered that France is actually a hard-line Communist state (similar to the depiction of East Germany in Top Secret… but not as funny).

The four of us and Roger Dabbs were captured and sent to a work camp where they kept all of their American prisoners.  We banded together and helped Roger escape so he could go play his gig.  The next day, when we arrived at the factory where we were forced to work, all of the prisoners were lined up in the yard as the guard called the roll.  He said, “Dabbs?  Where is Dabbs? Has anyone seen Dabbs?”

Another guard said, “His band is playing a big show in town.  Maybe he went there.”

“That band must be pretty good if he risked death to go play for them,” replied the first guard.

All of the prisoners started telling the guards about The Features and what a great band they are.  jamiecarroll said, “They’re so good that we all risked being put into this prison camp just so we could see them play in your stupid country.”

Then I woke up.

Isn’t having message board dreams one of the signs of addiction?  Maybe I need to take a break from this project.

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