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Hello World!

March 20th, 2009 3 comments

So… here it is.  After working on the project for over a year, I’m finally unleashing my Features Message Board Archive onto the world.

My original plan was to finish up the archive, put it on CD, and distribute it to the old gang of message board members.  Unfortunately, it’s taking much longer than I’d hoped.  I fear that if I wait too long, the message board will become less relevant.  People will forget about all of the crazy times we had yakking it up with each other.  So instead of waiting, I’m releasing it as-is.  The beauty of doing it on-line is that I can continue to work on the project and just post updates as their ready.

The first step will be to get a couple of “beta testers” to come check this thing out and see what they think.  (And I know just the guys to do it!)  After getting their feedback and making some improvements, I’ll try to track down the old gang and let them know about this thing.

So what’s there left to do?  The biggest chore is to finish the subject index.  With a freakin’ crap ton of posts, it’s taking a long time to slog through them all and tag them.  So far, I’ve only managed to do 8.3% of the posts.  It’s going to take a while to get through them all.  I’d also like to add some more statistics and more items on the timeline.  If anyone has any suggestions for either of these items, let me know!

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