1997-08-07 at Mainstreet

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The Features at Mainstreet on Thursday, August 7, 1997
City: Murfreesboro, TN
Headliner: Reel Big Fish
Opening Acts: The Sizzling Happy Family, The Features

On Thursday, August 7, 1997, The Features performed at Mainstreet in Murfreesboro, TN.[1] They served as the opening act for Reel Big Fish. The other opening band was The Sizzling Happy Family from Atlanta, GA.

The performance is notable because it introduced the band to message board legend carligula.[2][3][4][5] It was also the first time that Rollum Haas saw The Features play.[3]

Set List

The set list for this show was hinted at by message board member exliontamer. The set list for this performance is not exact. The songs listed are known to have been played. However, they may not be listed in the correct order and some songs may have been omitted.

 Armani Suede
 Your Smile


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