Carter Sessions (1998)

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Carter Sessions
Artist: The Features
Country: U.S.
Type: Unreleased Demo
Producer: Brian Carter

The Carter Sessions refer to a group of recordings that The Features made with producer Brian Carter. Little is known about the sessions. It is believed that they were recorded during the brief period when Jim O'Shea was in the band. It is also believed that the sessions were never completed. The music was recorded, but the vocals were never laid down.[1]

The recordings of "Circus" and "Stagecoach" made during this session were used as background music in the band's "R&R at the Fair" promotional video.[1] The recording of "Blitzkrieg! was used in the "Parrish Replaces a Blown Engine Valve" video.[2]

Date of Recordings

The recordings were made after Don Sergio and Jason Taylor departed from the band and while Jim O'Shea was still playing with them. This would make the most likely date sometime in late 1998.[1][2]

Track Listing

The complete list of songs that were recorded is not known.

 Circus (0:00)
 Stagecoach (0:00)
 Blitzkrieg! (0:00)


The Features


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