Circus (single)

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Artist: The Features
Country: U.S.
Type: Unreleased Demo

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The "Circus" single is a recording by The Features that may or may not exist.

Early, low-quality studio recordings of "Circus" and "33 1/3" have circulated through the fan community. The studio sessions from which these recordings originated is unknown. It has been suggested that they are both from the same session and that they were released together on a "Circus" promotional single.[1] Some claim to remember the recording being announced and discussed on the Spongebath Records Message Board. To date, physical copies of the recording (or proof thereof) have never surfaced.

This recording should not be confused with a more modern disc with the Mahaffey version of "33 1/3". This disc was a promotional single distributed at shows in 2002 or 2003.

Track Listing

The order in which the songs appeared is unknown.

 Circus (0:00)
 33 1/3 (0:00)


The Features


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