Contrast (EP)

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Artist: The Features
Released: 2006
Country: U.S.
Type: EP
Format: CD
Producer: Jacquire King
This article is about the EP called Contrast. For information about the song with the same name, see "Contrast".

In the autumn of 2006, after departing Universal Records, The Features self-released the Contrast EP. It was recorded and mixed at Quad Studios in Nashville, TN.

Some sources list the EP's release date as October 25, 2006. However, members of the band's newly restored message board were discussing the record a month earlier.[1]

Original Name

The EP was originally called Interior Demonstration but was later changed for an unknown reason.[2] This name could indicate that the recording was originally intended to be just a demo.

original artwork

Track Listing

1.Contrast (3:08)
2.Wooden Heart (3:11)
3.I Will Wander (2:53)
4.Commotion (3:30)
5.Guillotine (2:54)


The Features


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