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Don Sergio was one of the founding members of The Features. Matt Pelham has credited him with naming the band.[1] He played lead guitar for the band, mostly a 12-string Rickenbacker during his later years, and seemed to share the role of "front man" with Matt Pelham during the early days, sharing roles as songwriters while most, if not all, of the singing was done by Pelham. Many of the band's catchiest hooks and show gimmicks (including wearing marching band uniforms and use of kazoos) seem to have been Sergio's ideas.

The true reason(s) for Sergio's departure from the band are not known. Some speculate that Sergio left when the band split with Spongebath Records, but this is not congruent with the fact that the Thursday 10" was released on the Spongebath label after Sergio's departure and that the Spongebath web site continued to list the Features' tour dates. Others speculate that it was Spongebath president Richard Williams's preference of Matt Pelham's songs over Sergio's that caused the split. Regardless, the split seems to have been fairly amicable among the band because within a year, Sergio's new band, The Preservatives, was sharing the bill at Murfreesboro shows.

Sergio went on to play drums with Green Rode Shotgun from 2001 to 2006.

He then focused on brewing beer and has since opened Calf Killer Beer in Sparta, TN, with his brother, Dave. The two made a special beer called Feature Creature Beer for the CD release party of Wilderness. At this show, Sergio made his first appearance in thirteen years with the band as he joined the band during the encore for "Thursday", adding his melodic lead guitar to the song.



RecordingRecord LabelTypeDate
3-Song Demo TapeSpongebath RecordsUnreleased Demo
Circus (single)Unreleased Demo
Dortch SessionsUnreleased Demo
The Features (EP)Spongebath RecordsEP1997
Soaking in the Center of the UniverseSpongebath RecordsCompilation1998
Soaking in the Center of the Universe Volume 2Spongebath RecordsCompilation1998
Thursday (single)Spongebath RecordsSingle1999


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