Exhibit A (album)

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Exhibit A
Artist: The Features
Label: Universal Records
Released: 9/14/2004
Country: U.S.
Type: LP
Format: CD
Producer: Craig Krampf, Mike McCarthy
This article is about the album called Exhibit A. For information about the song with the same name, see "Exhibit A".

On Tuesday, September 14, 2004, The Features released their long-awaited first full-length album, Exhibit A, on Universal Records and their imprint, Cherry Entertainment Group.

The album was recorded in May, 2003, at Sweet Tea Studios in Oxford, MS.

The release show for the album was held on the night before the official release at Rocketown

Track Listing

1.Exhibit A (2:03)
2.The Way It's Meant to Be (2:07)
3.Me & the Skirts (2:31)
4.Blow It Out (3:00)
5.There's a Million Ways to Sing the Blues (2:17)
6.Leave It All Behind (2:28)
7.Exorcising Demons (3:21)
8.The Idea of Growing Old (3:12)
9.Some Way Some How (3:11)
10.Situation Gone Bad (2:42)
11.Harder to Ignore (2:24)
12.Circus (3:16)


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