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At some point in time, The Features performed a show at Jonathan's on the Square in Murfreesboro, TN that was broadcast live on Thunder 94.[1]

Date of Performance

The exact date of the show is not known but has been sought by fans for a very long time.[1][2][3][4] The fan community's best conjecture for the date of the show is early 1997. This date was derived using several clues.

First, message board member Freddy, who claims to have been mentioned by name during the broadcast, confirms the date to be 1997.[1] Message board member prefeatures fan narrows this date down further by claiming that it was "sometime in early 1997 either January or February."

Secondly, since Thunder 94 went off the air in grand fashion on August 29, 1997,[5] we know that the performance had to be before that date.

Lastly, during this performance, Matt Pelham introduces "Thursday" as a "new song." That song was not played at the show on November 14, 1996, but was played on July 20, 1997. Therefore, it would make sense if this performance took place between those two dates.

Set List

2.Roger's Theme
3.Standing By
4.Tuning Song
6.Could've Been
7.Extension Cord
9.Treehouse Club
10.Armani Suede
12.Your Smile
13.Sweet Child o' Mine
14.Hey, Lou
16.I'm a Boy


This performance was recorded by an unknown person. Although the show was broadcast on the radio, the recording does not seem to have been made from a radio because it includes songs that were played after the broadcast had ended. The recording is available on this wiki.


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