Mahaffey Sessions

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Mahaffey Sessions
Artist: The Features
Country: U.S.
Type: Unreleased Demo
Producer: Matt Mahaffey

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The Mahaffey Sessions refer to a group of recordings that The Features made with local musician and producer Matt Mahaffey. Presumably, these recordings were intended for release as an album. However, the band never released them as an album. It has been rumored that the band was ultimately unhappy with the sound of the recordings and elected to shelve it.

Eventually, the band would provide some recognition of the material. Some of the tracks were available on the streaming music player on the band's web site. During the Exhibit A era, the band used a few of the tracks from the session as B-sides on their singles.

Date of Recordings

According to the back cover of the "Buffalo Head" single, the songs were recorded in November, 1999. However, this date was slightly contradicted by Mahaffey himself in a message board posting that indicates they were recorded in June, 2000.[1] Mahaffey's date is likely incorrect because this would have been after he moved his studio to California, and while the Features did go to California and even use his instruments and equipment to play shows in Los Angeles, CA, it is unlikely that they would have recorded there.

Track Listing

Since the recordings were never released, there is no known official order to the tracks.

 33 1/3 (4:41)
 Armani Suede (3:20)
 Dark Room (2:47)
 Exorcising Demons (3:26)
 Jurley (2:49)
 Kari-Ann (3:08)
 Oh My Love (2:35)
 Paid to Think (3:52)
 See You Through (3:11)
 Serious (2:54)


The Features


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