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Features Trivia

Q: Which Features song was used in the trailer for the movie Life As We Know It?

discover the answer

Welcome to the Wiki about The Features. Here you can learn all there is to know about your favorite band, The Features.

Currently, the story of The Features is spread across the Internet with tidbits stored in many different web sites. Other bits and pieces of the story are locked away in the memories of the people who were there when it happened. The idea behind this site is to create one central place where all of the collective knowledge about The Features can be stored, explored, and shared. This is a place for everyone who knows and loves The Features to share what they've learned and to find some new knowledge.

However, to meet such lofty goals we need your help! So please login and lend a hand.

Contents of the Wiki

The story of The Features is long... it's been over 15 years in the making. It's also very broad, touching many people, places, and concepts. This can make it difficult to jump in. Here are some recommended starting points to get you started on your own journey of discovery through their story.

The Band




10 Most Wanted

While we welcome any additions to the wiki, there are some things we really want to know!

  1. What was the exact date of the Thunder 94 show?
  2. What is the proper name of the instrumental song referred to as "Tuning Song"?
  3. Would someone upload the studio version of "God Save Rock and Roll" or any other rarities?
  4. What is the proper name of the song referred to as "Feeling Special Inside"?
  5. Was there ever really a "Circus" single? If not, what is the story behind that pair of recordings?
  6. What songs were recorded with Brian Carter in 1998?
  7. What became of the songs "Damn the Mosquitoes" and "Man Rock"? Did they evolve into songs that we now know by different names?
  8. When was the band's first show?
  9. When did the song "Thursday" debut?
  10. At which show(s) did the band wear bunny suits?

EPs and Albums