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Rollum Haas was born October 5, 1979. He grew up mostly in the midwest, perhaps Indiana, and graduated from high school in Lebanon, TN in 1997.

Upon Jason Taylor's departure from the Features in 1998, Haas joined the band as the new drummer. He brought a new energy to the live shows with his intense, very watchable drumming style while adding a more complex drumming style to the band's sound.

Early on in his tenure with the band, he met Katie Krampf at a show, and the two were married within a few years. It was this relationship that brought the Features in contact with Craig Krampf, whose support would lead to the band's eventual signing with Universal Records.

Haas continues to play occasionally with other Nashville groups, including Lylas, Vovo (fronted by Features keyboardist Mark Bond), and the Privates, when their schedules align.

In an interview, Haas described the information above (and this site in general) as "borderline creepy."[1]



RecordingRecord LabelTypeDate
Autumn '04Island Records GroupCompilation2004
The Beginning (EP)EP1 June 2001
The Beginning (EP - UK)Fierce Panda RecordsEP2003
The Beginning (EP - Universal)Universal RecordsEP16 March 2004
Blow It Out (promo single)Universal RecordsSingle2005
Blow It Out (single - 7")Universal RecordsSingle11 April 2005
Blow It Out (single - CD)Universal RecordsSingle11 April 2005
Brennan SessionsUnreleased Demo
Buffalo Head (single)Fictitious RecordsSingle2002
Carter Sessions (1998)Unreleased Demo
Contrast (EP)EP2006
Exhibit A (album - UK)Universal RecordsLP18 April 2005
Exhibit A (album)Universal RecordsLP14 September 2004
The Features (album)Bug MusicLP14 May 2013
Form and Function SessionsUnreleased Demo
Krampf Sessions (2002)Unreleased Demo
Lake Fever SessionsOther10 August 2009
Late Night (single)Mean Buzz RecordsSingleDecember 2006
Leave It All Behind (promo single)Universal RecordsSingle2004
Leave It All Behind (single - 7")Universal RecordsSingle2004
Leave It All Behind (single - CD)Universal RecordsSingle2004
Mahaffey SessionsUnreleased Demo
The New Christmas Wish Book (single)Single21 December 2004
Old Familiar MelodiesLP22 August 2014
Rambo (single)Single31 May 2011
Rawlings SessionsUnreleased Demo
Sampler 5 November 2001Bandpromote.comCompilationNovember 2001
Some Kind of SalvationLP30 September 2008
Sounds Neu!Compilation13 January 2005
Still Lost (Volume 1)LP10 May 2012
Summer 2010 SessionsUnreleased Demo
Sunset RockLP30 October 2015
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 SoundtrackAtlantic RecordsCompilation8 November 2011
There's a Million Ways to Sing the Blues (single)Universal RecordsSingle24 May 2004
The Way It's Meant to Be (promo single)Universal RecordsSingle13 July 2004
The Way It's Meant to Be (single - Universal)Universal RecordsSingle2005
The Way It's Meant to Be (single - Fierce Panda)Fierce Panda RecordsSingle2004
WildernessBug MusicLP26 July 2011


RecordingRecord LabelTypeDate
WildernessBug MusicLP26 July 2011


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