Sunset Rock

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Sunset Rock
Artist: The Features
Released: 10/30/2015
Country: U.S.
Type: LP
Format: CD, Vinyl 12", MP4
Producer: The Features

On Friday, October 30, 2015, The Features released their fifth full-length album. The album was recorded in their own home studios and self-published. The album was crowd-funded through the web site PledgeMusic.

In an interview, Matt Pelham was asked about their decision to crowd-fund the album. He said, "We just wanted to make a record and put it out. We didn’t want to run through the whole process of selling ourselves any more."[1] When asked whey the band self-produced the album, he said, "We’ve always wanted to capture something a little different than what our producers seemed to think we want. I think we’ve always compromised what we were going for because a producer had a different vision for it. ... I feel like we have a better idea of what we want and are going for."

Nothing for the album was tracked live. Each member would record their portion of the track (often in their own home studio) and then send the tracks to each other.

The album is unique in The Feaures catalog because the liner notes includes a lyrics sheet.

Track Listing

1.I Should Have Known Better (3:03)
2.Dreams (4:11)
3.Keepsake (3:18)
4.The Message (3:01)
5.Began Again (1:49)
6.Connie (3:35)
7.Journey to Lost Creek (1:35)   (instrumental track)
8.Special Place (4:41)
9.Harmless (2:51)
10.Don't Take After Me (4:06)
11.Long Walk (5:27)
12.I Know Better Now (3:03)


The Features



  1. Chattanooga Now: The Features break touring hiatus, bring new album to JJ’s (11/12/2015)