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The Features
Artist: The Features
Label: Bug Music
Released: 5/14/2013
Country: U.S.
Type: LP
Format: CD, Vinyl 12", MP4
Producer: The Features
This article is about the self-titled album from The Features. For information about their earlier self-titled EP, see The Features (EP). For information about the band itself, see this whole wiki.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, The Features released their fourth full-length album, which is self-titled. The album was made available for pre-order on Tuesday, April 16, 2013.[1] The band announced the track listing via Twitter on the previous day.[2]


In the summer of 2011, while the band was waiting for Wilderness to be released, The Features went into the studio and recorded their fourth album.[3] The sessions were recorded live in Vancouver, Washington, at Ripcord Studio without metronomes or overdubs (other than vocals). All of the recorded songs were new and had been written in about a month.[4]

Rumors of the recordings spread throughout the fan community in the autum of 2011. At the time, it was suggested that the album may be called "Portland" and that it would feature "Tenderly" and "This Disorder". Rumors also indicated that it could have updated versions of "Stagecoach" and "Harold".[5] Unfortunately, these rumors proved false.

Track Listing

1.Rotten (3:50)
2.Tenderly (2:44)
3.This Disorder (3:07)
4.Won't Be Long (3:34)
5.Fox on the Run (4:03)
6.With Every Beat (4:35)
7.Ain't No Wonder (4:10)
8.The New Romantic (3:08)
9.In Your Arms (3:09)
10.Regarding PG (3:00)
11.Phase Too (4:44)


The Features



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