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The Features Wiki project can use your help!

How Do I Help?

To contribute to the project, you must first log in to your account. (Don't have an account? No problem! Just create one!)

Once you've logged in, you can edit any of the pages on this site. If you see a page that is missing some information, has incorrect information, or could be better written, feel free to edit the page and make whatever improvements you see fit!

What Can I Contribute?

With this Wiki project, we're attempting to catalog all of the world's knowledge about The Features. As a fan of the band, you certainly have some knowledge floating around in your pretty little head that we can use.

Here are some ideas to help get you started...

  • Do you have some background information on a song? (When was it written? What does it mean? etc.) Feel free to add that information to the song's page.
  • Did you attend a Features show? If so, find the page for that show and add in any details we're missing. If there isn't a page for a particular show, then create a new one for it! It's OK if you don't remember all of the details. Just fill in what you know. Maybe someone else can help with the missing details.
  • What about some of their records? Got some behind-the-scenes info that we're missing? We'd love to add it to our collection.
  • There are many songs for which the lyrics aren't recorded. Try your hand at deciphering the songs and transcribing the lyrics.
  • Do you know anything about or play with any of the bands that have played with the Features? This is a permanent place on the web where that band's story can be told! We would love to hear anecdotes from meeting them at shows while they were playing with your band.
  • Feel like doing some research? The Features Message Board is full of information that needs to be cataloged within this Wiki.
  • Want to do some original research? Many of the songs evolved over time. You could listen to different versions of a song and analyze how it morphed as it matured.
  • Do you have an MP3 file of a song that we're missing? Go ahead and upload it.
  • Got some pictures of the band? Upload those, too. Don't worry about how it should be cataloged or tagged. We'll figure that out together.
  • Videos? Yup! Upload em!
  • Don't forget about your personal stories! Do you have a particular memory from a Features show? Have a favorite song? Has their music spoken to you in a special way? We'd love to have your personal thoughts as well.
  • So maybe The Features aren't your particular area of expertise. This Wiki stretches out like a web and touches all of the bands that they've played with, all of the record labels they've signed with, and all of the songs they've covered. If you know anything about any of these, feel free to add that information as well.

If you're not sure how the information should be tagged or organized... don't worry about it! Just get it in the Wiki. We have a team of editors that will help you figure out how it can be organized.

We here at are excited about this project. But we know that it can never be complete unless you help us out. Together, we can help share The Features story with the world!