Tuning Song

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"Tuning Song"
a song by The Features
Performed By: The Features

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"Tuning Song" is an instrumental song performed by The Features.

The name "Tuning Song" is probably not the song's actual title. It was assigned that title by fans who heard it played on the Thunder 94 broadcast right after (or perhaps even during) a break in which Matt Pelham tuned his guitar. Before being assigned this name, it was sometimes referred to as "Untitled Thunder 94 Song."[1]

It was originally thought that this song was an ad-lib jam that the band played to fill time while Matt tuned his guitar. However, since it can also be heard on other concert recordings, it is now believed to be a proper song.

Since it is only known to have been played just before "Smooth", it's possible that it's actually just an extended introduction for that song.

Recorded Versions

There are no known studio recordings of this song.


There are no known performances of this song.


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