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From November 2001 until January 2007, The Features had a message board as part of their official web site. This message board quickly grew into a small community of music enthusiasts primarily from the Middle Tennessee area. In an era before Facebook or Nashville Cream, the Features Message Board became the best place on the Internet to keep up with The Features and the Middle Tennessee music scene as a whole.

The Features Message Board is an important relic from the recent past because it documents information about the local scene that otherwise would not be available on the Internet. It is also a strong source of nostalgia for the members who participated in the message board's discussion. Lastly, it provides a detailed view into the activities of The Features at the turn of the century. For these reasons, the old message board has been preserved here for future generations.

If you're interested in learning more about the original Features Message Board but aren't sure where to start, the timeline of the board's history is the best place to start.